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Incomplete Janjgir Vishnu Temple -Chattisgarh

The incomplete temple – Janjgir Vishnu Temple

Location: The Janjgir-Champa area of Chattisgarh is home to a large Vaishnav temple. This temple is located about 60 miles from Bilaspur near Bhima talab. Chattisgarh has a great legacy of Hindu temples. Each year “Jajwalya Dev Lok Mahotsav”,a cultural programme is held іn gratitude оf King Jajwalya whо ruled the city іn ancient times.

Main Deity – Like other Vaishnav temples, the main deity worshiped here is Shree Vishnu. Rare idols of God Gandharava and Goddess Kinners are also found here. The idol of Lord Vishnu has four arms, each holding flower, conch, wheel and Abhaya hasta.

Legend – According to local legends, there was a competition between the construction of the  Shivrinarayana temple and Janjgir temple. They believed that the temple that would be built first will be visited by Lord Vishnu. Since the Shivrinarayana temple was built first, the Janjgir temple was left incomplete.

Another story is of Vishwakarma and Bheema. They competed to build a temple. Bheema’s partner was an elephant. Bheema’s tools fell into a water tank and he lost. After Bheema lost the competition, he split the elephant into two in anger. Till date, a broken structure of an elephant is present in the temple premises.

Architecture – The construction of the temple began in the 12th century, but it was never completed. The construction was under the reigns of the Hayhay dynasty. They tried to construct the temple in two parts. Unfortunately, they could not assemble the two parts in time.  Usually the construction of a temple can be understood by the architecture of its Shikhara (crowning). However, this temple does not have any Shikhara. Locally, this is a reason why the temple is called “Nakata mandir” or incomplete mandir.

The temple is built of red clay bricks. Some people believe that this temple was constructed at the time of the Pandavas. The construction pays an ode old world of Indian architecture.

Address: Janjgir, Chhattisgarh 495668, India

Phone: +91-7714028635

How to Reach:
By Rail – Bilaspur and Bhatpara are nearby stations
By Air – Bilaspur

Nearby Places: 
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Location: Janjgir, Chhattisgarh 495668, India

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